An expanding International Architectural firm with presence in Islamabad, Lahore and Dublin at the moment

Architecture Principals:

  • Site Analysis and location.

  • Study of Streetscape.

  • Study of Solar orientation.

  • Study of Views

  • Interactive Spaces defined by layout and not just walls.

  • Affordable Interior design solutions.

  • Enhanced Architecture rather than expensive finishes.

  • Maximum utilization of space

  • Living with nature concept.

  • Use of Natural light & Natural Ventilation

  •  House Extensions & New build using containers for quick and low cost solution

  • Target turnaround time to produce initial concept design within 24 hours


1. Masterplanning

2. Resort Developments

3. Container Architecture

4. Single & Multi family Residential Architecture

5. Retail & Office Interiors

6. Landscape Architecture

7. Kitchen & Bathroom Design

8. Aquaponics Design to grow your own food at home all year round.

9. Project Management

10. Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

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